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Peppa Pig

  • Peppa Pig is rated 7.00 by 922 reviewers at IMDB.
  • This cartoon is suitable for Any (Toddlers/Preschoolers).
  • The Peppa Pig has the following mobile platforms: Windows Phone and Windows and Android .

- Watch Peppa Pig on Android and Windows Phone devices.
- Peppa Pig is a children's television program. Each episode is approximately 5 minutes long.
- The show revolves around Peppa, an anthropomorphic female pig, and her family and friends. Each of her friends is a different species of mammal. Peppa's friends are the same age as she, and Peppa's younger brother George's friends are the same age as him. Episodes tend to feature everyday activities such as attending playgroup, going swimming, visiting their grandparents, cousins, going to the playground or riding bikes.

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