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Zig and Sharko

  • Zig and Sharko is rated 8.10 by 54 reviewers at IMDB.
  • This cartoon is suitable for Age from 4 (0 - 4+).
  • The Zig and Sharko has the following mobile platforms: Windows Phone .

- Zig and Sharko is a French animated series 78 episodes of 7 minutes.

- Zig, a hyena living in a lone volcano island, he tries to eat Marina.
- Marina, a mermaid, who has a house in the bottom of the sea but sits on a small rock during the day.
- Sharko, a shark, who protects Marina from Zig and Neptune.
- Bernie, a hermit crab, who helps Zig. On Nickelodeon India, he is called Circuit.
- King Neptune, king of the sea. Neptune tries to charm Marina. He is known as Mutton Ki

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